Lloyds Nanny Service


Located at the beach in Llantwit Major, we provide a voluntary lifeguard service and first aid point.

Llantwit Major SLSC has a high standing in the local community providing sport and education from nippers to masters. New members are always welcome to join the family atmosphere at Llantwit Major surf life saving club.

Llantwit Major Lifesaviers Logo

Situated in a quiet area away from the town and busy roads, the Lifeguard club nestles in the heart of the Heritage Coast on one of the best surf beaches on the south coast.

In more than 40 years the club has grown from a small number of young volunteers housed in an RAF packing case, to a club with more than 180 members which has provided continuous voluntary service on the beach.

New members are always welcome for training, patrols, competition or just social. Visit our membership page for details.

If you have any comments or useful information to add please let us know. Address can be found on the 'contact us' page.